Day Service Option (dso)

Our DSO program is very active and innovative.  We offer a wide variety of activities on a daily and weekly basis. Some of which include:

  • Arts enrichment

  • Community engagement

  • Goals for increased ADL skills

  • Recreation

  • Music therapy

  • Community volunteerism

  • Health & wellness training

  • Culinary classes

  • Sensory stimulation

  • Vocational training

  • A Bowling league

  • Brain Gym

  • Story exploration

Since taking over all of our buildings we have established a state of the art Vocational Skills building area within the DSO program. This model allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of complete skill sets. For example, in our Culinary program they don't just learn how to cook, but rather how to enhance all of the skills needed to plan, shop, create a meal, wait on customers, take payments, & clean up after the meal.

We have seen major improvements in independence & behavior decreases in our individuals once they began this program. It is a great stepping stone for those individuals that are independent but still need step by step instructions & individualized training to see success at the tasks. Ultimately our goal is for each person to discover their maximum independence level as they progress on. We aim to have individuals grow into other employment models & eventually are employed in their own job within their communities.