We have several production businesses within Opportunity Works Connecticut:

  • Wood working shop - Producing bird houses, feeders, cork creations, & items made with recycled or donated materials

  • Jewelry line “Refined Designs” - Jewelry production & creativity

  • Greeting Card creations - A fully equipped stamping workshop

  • Crafting areas that use donated or recycled items to create home decor, games, decorative art & much more

In these areas our individuals create spectacular hand crafted items for sale in our store, The Gifts of OWC, and out in the community at various locations about 3-4 times a week.  Out in the community our individuals get to see the items they created sell, the ultimate reward for a job well done. The following two departments involve community integration with working @ OWC.

  • Shredding - machines that we use to destroy documents for a variety of customers.

    In this department we confidentially shred documents for businesses or private citizens.  We offer a certificate of destruction.

    You can drop off at our address and we will weigh it or we can come to you and pick it up.  No job too small or large!  

    We can set up scheduled pick-ups for those businesses wanting ongoing services and/ or we can provide locking containers upon contract.  For further information contact Stacey Dean Development Director at 860-454-4016 X125

  • Bottle & Can redemption center

These businesses individuals work on tasks that include: item pick up in community, sorting, shredding, weighing, counting, invoice prep, and clean-up. 

We also have small group employment options - individuals are employed by businesses out in the community doing a variety of tasks: landscaping, janitorial work, delivery, assembly and even a vehicle that goes to businesses and details their leased vehicles inside & out. 

The dollars earned from these business models are used to pay our individuals minimum wage for their work.  The state does not pay the individuals salaries.  Next year we have budgeted to pay over $210,000 in payroll to the individuals that we support!