Our original Goal: To offer more quality work choices to individuals with higher ability levels

November 2009: founded OWC by Bill Paluska and Rene Lambert

December 2009: Incorporated & Non-profit status

2010: Business Plan Developed

Jan 2011: DDS Vendorship obtained

May 2011: Doors open with our first 2 individuals (GSE/IND) in 3800sqft

Nov 2011: DSO opened with 1 individual (additional 600sqft)

2013: received DDS vendorship for ISE (Individual Supported Employment)

August 2014: Moved to Vernon 12,000sqft supporting 50 Individuals/ opened a retail store

March 2015: purchased the “Books Are Fun” business

March 2015: Added a day program that we run out of a state group home in Ellington +4 Individuals

January 2016: added vendorship for HIS (In-home Supports)

July 2016: added “senior supports” and “pre-vocational” as 2 new DDS vendorships 

August 2016:  Added 15,000sqft more of the same building to open our Vocational training program.  This program provides training to individuals in a variety of areas to include: Food service with servsafe certification, CPR, office training, skills to secure a job in the community, hospitality/cleaning, job safety, task box training, and floral design. This new space also houses additional offices, a music room, exercise room and a Pet Therapy area.


Our Future:   Supporting people with Amazing Abilities…

We are thinking that over the next 3 years we will take in to support an additional 30-40 individuals in our various existing programs, with an emphasis on Individual Supports.  Within the next 3-5 years we are looking to also add: An In-home supports training program, ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) vendorship program and we plan to increase our footprint in the community based on finding community based jobs for more of our individuals.

We are always open to explore and create additional programs that individuals are seeking to learn and grow in.  We want to always be providing sought after programs to the population and keep then fresh and on the cutting edge.