Our original Goal: To offer more quality work choices to individuals with higher ability levels

November 2009: founded OWC by Bill Paluska and Rene Lambert

December 2009: Incorporated & Non-profit status

2010: Business Plan Developed

Jan 2011: DDS Vendorship obtained

May 2011: Doors open with our first 2 individuals (GSE/IND) in 3800sqft

Nov 2011: DSO opened with 1 individual (additional 600sqft)

2013: received DDS vendorship for ISE (Individual Supported Employment)

August 2014: Moved to Vernon 12,000sqft supporting 50 Individuals/ opened a retail store

March 2015: purchased the “Books Are Fun” business

March 2015: Added a day program that we run out of a state group home in Ellington +4 Individuals

January 2016: added vendorship for HIS (In-home Supports)

July 2016: added “senior supports” and “pre-vocational” as 2 new DDS vendorships 

August 2016:  Added 15,000sqft more of the same building to open our Vocational training program.  This program provides training to individuals in a variety of areas to include: Food service with servsafe certification, CPR, office training, skills to secure a job in the community, hospitality/cleaning, job safety, task box training, and floral design. This new space also houses additional offices, a music room, exercise room and a Pet Therapy area.

November 2016:  Open our Vocation Training DOS program

March 2017:  Purchased new building on 45 West Main Street, Vernon CT

July 2017:  Closed Senior Supports In-House Day Program

July 2017:  Became a member of the RDA (Rockville Downtown Association) member

May 2018: Awarded the Dempsey Florist Shop GSE shop


Our Future: 

2018:  Working towards a Customized Employment model and starting to get employment staff certified

2018:  Seeking to obtain the Horticulture Center at Camp Quinebaug, Danielson, CT

2019:  Working towards placing individuals in to community based employment sites

2018-2019:  Seeking funds to create a state of the art sensory room for out DSO program