Horticulture Program @ Camp Q


Hours: Weekdays, 8:30am - 2:30pm

Address: 54 Taos Dr, Danielson, CT 06239

DSO (Unpaid group supported)

The DSO program has traditional components of a vocational Day Service Option.  Participants enjoy activities such as: culinary, creative Corner, community inclusion, music therapy, and horticulture therapy.

·       Their outings lean towards the Horticulture and community give back nature:

o   Examples: flower shows, gardens, bird or butterfly sanctuaries, dropping off vases of flowers to area churches, etc.

·       They perform volunteer activities that would include the maintenance of the 26+ gardens on the grounds of the camp.

  • Growing the plants

  • Re-potting of the plants

  • Watering

  • Getting gardens together each spring, clean up and planting

  • Water flowers and plants

  • Creating the signage for gardens

  • Cleaning them out and winterizing them in the fall

  • Planning for the next year

o   They also work on growing items that will be used in the gardens at camp.  By completing tasks such as pot cleaning, soil sifting, repotting, watering, weeding, etc.

o   Creating floral arrangements from donated items to be given away to the community to increase community involvement.

  • Contacting donors and picking up donations

  • Creating arrangements

  • Sending thank you’s

·       They also take part in the Therapeutic Horticulture activities that the GSE program on site teach.

GSE (This is a minimum wage paying job)

The GSE program is involved in prepping for the Therapeutic Horticulture program tasks that take place 2X a week at the greenhouse.  These skills include the following tasks:

o   Planning what projects are going to be done  and when

o   Gathering and prepping all materials for each project

o   Creating the email newsletter about the program and sending it out each month

o   Shopping for or picking up donations of items that will be used for these projects

o   Making a samples

o   Checking people into the classes and collecting monies

o   Assist with the instruction of the projects and hands on assist individuals to complete it

o   Organized & store all attendance sheets, direction sheets, contacts and schedules

o   Make a cash deposits 1X a week to the main office

·       Plan Alumni group projects

·       Plan for all 6 weeks of camp projects about 120campers each year

·       A planned activity for family day

This group also works on growing plants to be sold at the OWC Floral and Gift shop in Putnam.

·       Purchase seedling plants or starter plants to grow

·       Re-pot, water, weed as needed

·       Work with Floral & Gifts of OWC from time to time to assist with deliveries, pot cleaning, soil sifting etc. to benefit the growing of flowers that will be sold at the Florist.

 **Both programs are involved with the upkeep of the facilities and the annual calendar for the greenhouse upkeep i.e.:

·       All daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules of the facilities, building and greenhouse.

·       Checking for insects in greenhouse

·       Proper usage of fans, heating pads, shade screen in greenhouse

·       Up-keep of the quoi pond

Floral & Gifts of OWC

Hours: Weekdays, 8:30am - 4:00pm. Saturdays, 9am - 3pm.

Address: 374 Pomfret St Putnam, CT 06260

This is a GSE site and it is paid at minimum wage

Floral & Gifts of OWC is a retail florist shop that provides employment opportunities to people with intellectual deficits.   We also sell some of the items that are created in the workshop areas of OWC; jewelry, wood crafts, yard art and more!

Floral & Gifts of OWC is open Monday through Friday 8:30am until 4:30pm and some Saturdays.

Located at: 374 Pomfret St Putnam, CT 06260     Phone #: 860-315-9094

GSE tasks:

·       Assist with ordering flowers

·       Making of all bud vases for restaurants

·       Assisting florist with the creation of ordered arrangements

·       Working on some potting of plants

·       Watering and maintaining plants in the store

·       Customer service

o   Communication with customers

o   Keeping store stocked

o   Utilizing the register to make a sale

o   Phone skills

o   Selling in the community at pop up events

·       Keeping inventory and fronting all merchandise

·       Learning about all of the merchandise

·       Cleaning of the store

·       Answering the phones

·       Working at the greenhouse (@camp Q) on plants being grown for sale at the florist

·       Learning the names of flowers and plants

·       Participating in the seasonal events that will take place at the florist

·       Delivery of orders

·       Working on handmade crafted items in down time

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