Opportunity Works Connecticut. Inc. (OWC) is a non-profit agency that supports people with intellectual, cognitive, and physical disabilities in Eastern Connecticut. We are committed to enhancing the lives of people through meaningful vocational and gainful employment services.   We embrace the idea that all people can live a fully productive life within their community.

OWC supports these adults in their journey to live successfully by setting the standard in providing program excellence, skill training, mentoring and advocacy OWC provides services that aid in positive self image which will foster a sense of respect and dignity for the individuals we serve and enable them to work and live with quality of life.


OWC is looking forward to provide further support to more individuals through:

  •  Start a recreational Program
  • Expanding our footprint into surrounding areas of Connecticut
  • Increased community awareness and growth through more specialized events
  • Build a dedicated parents group
  • Become certified in customized employment services

Who would have thought that opening our doors just under 3 years ago would have turned into what it is today. Growth has happened much faster then we ever anticipated. Our original business plan had us supporting 17 individuals at this point. We currently support 38 individuals and have been chosen by 13 more amazing individuals following their 2014 graduation which will put our supported individuals count around 50! Thank you to everyone for the support that’s made it all possible!
— Mr. William Paluska